Revival Street recording at Footprint Productions

Revival Street are recording an EP here at Footprint Productions! This 5 track EP is sounding beautiful and you are going to want to listen to it when it is ready

Here is a typed version of their Bio:

Revival Street

Revival Street started with a heart of seeing people come to know the love of God through going out onto the streets and sharing how much God truly loves every single person He created. Shedé and Yolandi (cofounders of Revival Street) continually found themselves being drawn onto a particular street when they went out, where God always seemed to show up in many amazing and special ways. From people simply just hearing about the love of God to genuinely having a true encounter with His love.
This is where Revival Street originated from.

Salvation, healing, prosperity and deliverance, collectively in Greek is one word, ‘SOZO’. Our desire is to create a movement of people who not only know that they have salvation but know that salvation is eternity, healing, prosperity and deliverance.
Salvation comes through the love of God and a true relationship with Him and not through a man made protocol. Our dream is for Revival Street to be an empire, a bright field of light, bringing peace to this ever accelerating world and this lost generation.

These songs were created through a personal relationship, simply being still and having God write His words and melodies through me. Each song originated from either a specific scripture, melody or season I was in. By trusting God, he added new melodies, words and family to this sound. I am so grateful to Tiaan, Lourens, Tebatso, Emmanuel, Mokete and Yonela. Their hearts and love towards God amazes me, the time they took creating only the best for their savior.
I pray that His melodies will impact and touch the lives of every person who hears them and that people will experience Glorious Joy, will desire to be More Like Him, to know that He is a Good Good Father and that He is our Ability.
YOU REIGN! Thank You Lord.

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