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Mark Cumming

Founded in 1996 by musician and industry expert, Mark Cumming, the operation was originally started as simple recording studio, geared towards music artists. Recognizing the need for world-class sound recordings across multiple market sectors, the business was re-launched in 2002, extending its services across the board, now, including prime radio spots for brands such as Ford, Nestle, Cashbuild and more. The studio complex, located at the Ogilvy and Mather Business Park in Bryanston, offers three high-end mixing and mastering suites. Each of the suites are fully furnished with top-of-the-range Solid State mixing consoles and Genelec Monitors, which are conveniently linked to a single voice-recording booth that offers the much sought-after privacy that voice artists readily require. With more people then ever before having access to recording processes, due to the digitisation of music; many of the services offered by traditional recording studios have reduced in value. But there is one thing that cannot be substituted for and that is the knowledge and experience of audio excellence. It is what has kept Footprint Productions alive for so many years. Boasting a catalogue of over 2 000 radio advertisements since their induction, the concept is that the “deliverables speak for themselves.” Staffed with a competent team of expert programmers and engineers, who employ only the latest and best technologies – Pro Tools HD and Logic Pro, the aim is to create a personalised working environment, where results matter. The focus is on full client satisfaction, which means not only great sound quality but affordable price too. Footprint also specialises in live sound reinforcement, providing the planning and installation of sound equipment, as well as the mixing of live audio to create the perfect sonic experience, for both commercial and corporate events. The studio, with its wealth of experience will assist in giving your brand the voice it needs to be heard. A rate sheet is available on request.
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