Studio 3 – Matrix Suite

Here at Footprint Productions we have the only Solid State Logic Matrix mixing console in South Africa!  Recording Studio Bryanston

editing vocals

Matrix mixing

editing vocals

Studio 3 – Matrix Suite Equipment List

Brand Model Discription
Solid State Logic Matrix Digital Mixing Console
Avid Eleven Rack Preamp & Effects Prosesor
Apple Mac Pro Audio Work Sation With 30 Gig’s Of Ram
Genelec L 8030A Studio Monitors
Genelec R 8030A Studio Monitors
Krk L Vxt6 Studio Monitors
Krk R Vxt6 Studio Monitors
Krk L Rockit 5 Studio Monitors
Krk R Rockit 5 Studio Monitors
Avid Dh Native Pro-Tools HD System
Solid State Logic Alpha Channel Preamp & Eq
Solid State Logic X-Rack Eq & Compressor
Furman Pl-Pro Dmc E Power Balancer
Novation 61Sl Effects Keyboard
Motu 128 Midi Express
Vintage Keys E-Mu Keyboard Modules
Morpheus E-Mu Z-Plane Synthesizer
Roland M-Dc1 Sound Expansion
Roland M-Se1 Sound Expansion
Roland Super Jv-1080 Voice Synthesizer
Waldorf Bay Synthesizer
Alesis D4 Drum Module Samples
Proteus /3 World E-Mu Synthesizer
Art Dr-X Midi Effect Sampler
Q Music Quest Midiengine 8 Port/Se
Roland Sc-880 Guitar Synthesizer
Roland Gr-50 Guitar Synthesizer
Proteus /1 Xr Digital Sound Module
Proteus 2000 128 Voice Expandable Sound Module
Yamaha Rm50 Rhythm Sound Module
Yamaha Tg500 Tone Generator
Yamaha Tg77 Tone Generator
Casio Fz-10M Synthesizer
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