Footprint Productions recording studio is situated in Johannesburg’s Northern Suburbs and over the years has become a bit of a hot spot for radio advert production. In fact, we have produced well over 2000 adverts to date making us experts in the field. Our sound and recording studio boasts a mixture of old vintage sound recording equipment all the way to the latest Solid State Logic technology. This allows us to produce sound with crystal clear digital accuracy while at the same time being able capture the more old school warmth found with the older analogue systems. Footprint Productions are able to create a genuinely well rounded sound experience for any occasion.

With our hands on approach and over 17 years of industry experience we can assist you with all your music and sound mixing, mastering and production needs. With our vast list of sound recording equipment we are able to bring sound effects, voice and music together and combine this to your script creating a professional sounding advert that will set you apart from your competition. We are experts in radio advert production and are able to make sure that your audio sounds fantastic every time.

Why Use Footprint Productions?

Great sounding radio adverts and jingles that are professionally mixed, mastered and produced are more likely to generate a profit faster than bad or cheaply done adverts. Call us now to book an appointment with one of our experts.

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