Footprint Productions Recording Facilities

Our recording studios and facility is set up with the latest technology. Call us now to book a session
Cuan on the deskLarge live recording facility – Live band recording with equipment (Drums, guitar amps, keyboards, check out our equipment list!)
Radio vocal recording booth – Based on BBC standards (Dead Vocal Booth). Artists can record sitting or standing. Booth can fit 3 people in for backup singers or voice overs which talk simultaneously with each other.

Control room 1 – Solid State Logic AWS924 Suite – Solid State Logic AWS924 is an analogue recording console with 24 Channel with preamps & eq’s and total recall used to track bands in a live recording environment, mixing, mastering, final mix for 5.1, sync to Tv, Tv & radio adverts, voice overs

Control Room 2 – Solid State Logic Nucleus – Radio adverts, voice overs, mixing, sync to TV and Final Mix

Control room 3 – Solid State logic Matrix console – with the ability to mixdown 40 channels incorporating all your own gear or our external hardware, radio adverts, voice overs, mixing, sync to TV and Final Mix

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