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Recording Studio Johannesburg

Recording and Sound Experts

Radio Advert Production

A professionally produced radio advert can inspire people towards your business

Recording Music

Record your music on state of the art equipment by industry experts

Sync to Picture

Our knowledge and experience of audio excellence will sync your film with precision

Producing Music

Produce your music in a studio that has top of the line gear and expertise


We can record edit and mix you EPK to be broadcast on desired platform

Final mix for TV

Let us help you with the final creative sound post production of your film

Song writing

Hire out our studio with an engineer to record your songwriting sessions and ideas so you can take them home to listen and play them to your friends.

Master Recording

Stand out with a professionally produced master recording of your music.

Video editing

Bring your own videos to be put together or have your video ideas recorded and edited in full HD and mixed down for your required platform of viewing pleasure or broadcast

Voice overs

Record your voice overs in our studio to be used in all platforms… video, radio, internet and tv


Transform your home recordings

Home recording to sound professional recording by running them through our Super Analogue Summing mixer and external hardware outboard gear

Music videos

Shoot your music videos in our studio whether it be with your original music or a live recording which we will edit, mix and master.

Vocal editing

Send us your vocal files in any format and we will clean them up for you


We can write jingles for you, or you can have your jingle recorded with our world class equipment.

Convert audio and video

We can transfer your audio cassette tapes onto cd as well as your VHS tapes onto DVD

Live events

We have 3 fully loaded equipment rigs for corporate end of year functions, live bands or DJ’s


Record your podcasts at our studio and we will edit, mix, master and load them for you, or send us your recordings to edit and clean up for you.

Radio Adverts Produced

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Number of Studios

Recording Studio Johannesburg

Recording Studio Northern Suburbs Johannesburg

Our recording studio is based in the Northern Suburbs and offers high-end mixing and mastering suites. Each of the suites are fully furnished with top-of-the-range Solid State mixing consoles and Genelec Monitors, which are conveniently linked to a single voice-recording booth that offers the much sought-after privacy that voice artists readily require. We also have a large list of older analogue equipment that give us the ability to produce crisp clear digital sound while still incorporating the warmth that only vintage equipment can provide.

recording studion bryanston

Recording and Sound Experts

Footprint Productions recording studio is staffed with a competent team of expert programmers and engineers. Our goal is to constantly employ only the latest and best sound and recording technologies for every project. Our software of choice is Pro Tools HD and Logic Pro and we aim to create a personalized working environment, where great results can be expected.

With full client satisfaction being our primary mission, not only do you get great sound quality but at an affordable price too. Footprint Productions recording studio Johannesburg can bring all your sound and music production dreams to fruition.

State of the art Recording Studio

Footprint Productions recording studio also specializes in live sound reinforcement, providing the planning and installation of sound equipment, as well as the mixing of live audio to create the perfect sonic experience, for both commercial and corporate events. Boasting a catalog of over 2 000 radio advertisements since their induction, we believe that these deliverables speak for themselves.
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