Studio 2 – Nucleus Suite

Nucleus SSL in bryanston

Nucleus studio hardware



Studio 2 – Nucleus Suite Equipment List

Brand Model Description
Solid State Logic Nucleus Digital Mixing Consol With 2 Pre Amps
M-Audio Bx5A Studio Monitors
M-Audio Bx5A Studio Monitors
Apple Mac Pro Audio & Video Editing Work Station
Digidesign 96 8 In & 8 Out Analog To Digital Converter
Dbx 386 Dual Vacuum Tube Preamp
Dbx Quantum Multi-Band Cpmpressor
Lto Splitter Mixer Headphone 8 Channel Preamp
Solid State Logic X-Rack Superanalogue Preamp
Genelec 8020B Studio Monitors
Genelec 8020B Studio Monitors
Hear Back Hear Back Hub 8 Channel Monitor Send
Furman Pl-Pro Dmc E Power Balancer
record voice overs
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